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welcome_6051399 CIS WORLD

CIS WORLD started on 27, September 2006. As an Information technology institute, that our company presented a new vision for Nivithigala. Few years ago, Information Technologies contain restricted in this area. But CIS WORLD kept foot to trot out modern technology to the area. So, CIS WORLD procured all IT solution leader of the Nivithigala and therefore it had to reach various areas year by year. From supplying Computers, accessories, network solutions, Software Development and Academics to superior customer service, excellence is an integral part of Information Technology and key to our consistent success. In today’s business environment, excellence also means demonstrating the highest ethical and professional standards. As one of Professional web developers, our guiding principles require honesty, integrity and quality in all that we do.





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shared-vision_1078276 (1) Our Vision

"To Help to Plan the Future"

 target_5494836 Our Mission

“To be the most innovative and best information technology solution provider of the customers of the dynamic changing world.”




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CIS WORLD Department of Software Engineering  

CIS WORLD is an innovative IT solutions provider offering software development, offshore development, and e-commerce web applications to meet diverse business needs and partnering requirements.

CIS WORLD Department of Academics Affairs  

Computer hardware engineering involves designing, developing, and supervising the production and installation of computer hardware such as keyboards, modems, printers, systems, chips, and circuit boards.

CIS WORLD Department of Hardware Engineering  

The study evaluates the sustainability of ICT education in Sri Lanka, highlighting disparities between urban and rural areas, curriculum weaknesses, and low public awareness.




diamond_1321872 Our Values

Innovative and Quality in everything we do

Our software engineering firm prioritizes innovation and quality in every aspect of operations, from code creation to final delivery, ensuring rigorous standards of quality in every solution.

Direct and honest communication

CIS WORLD values direct and honest communication, promoting transparency and openness within the organization. This involves candidly expressing ideas, concerns, and feedback.

Superior customer service

CIS WORLD prioritizes superior customer service, building lasting partnerships with clients from initial consultation to post-deployment support, understanding their unique needs, challenges, and aspirations.

Recruiting and Hiring competent Professionals

Our software engineering company prioritizes talent, dedication, and expertise through a strategic recruitment and hiring approach, ensuring we attract the best talent in the industry.

Ethical work environment

Our software engineering company values integrity, respect, and transparency, fostering a community where employees feel valued and empowered.




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insurance_4501447 Our Policies

Workplace safety and Condition

Our software engineering company prioritizes workplace safety, ensuring a secure environment for all employees, fostering productivity and innovation through various aspects.

Respect in the Workplace

Respect in the workplace involves recognizing individual contributions, treating everyone with kindness, empathy, and professionalism, fostering an inclusive environment, celebrating diverse talents, and preventing discrimination, harassment, and bullying.

Purchasing Policy

Our software engineering company prioritizes efficient procurement processes for growth and operations, implementing a Purchasing Policy that promotes transparency, accountability, and value in all purchasing activities.

Ethics & Conduct Policy

Our software engineering company upholds the highest ethical standards, focusing on integrity, transparency, and responsibility in all aspects of operations, interactions, and decision-making processes.

Credit Policy

Our software engineering company prioritizes fair, transparent credit policies that uphold integrity and customer-centricity, fostering positive client relationships and ensuring business stability.